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Magento Plugins & Modules

If you happen to host an online store based on Magento or you are someone trying to setup a new Magento store and looking for answers to your questions such as will it solve all your problems or does it provide features and functionality that you are looking for? Well, the answer is simply “big Yes”. Now that you have chosen Magento because of its robust and rich eCommerce features, you might get well satisfied with the amazing Magento Extensions that have been produced by the Magento community…

From help desk to extremely complicated tier pricing solutions, there isn’t any corner that cannot be reached. Day by day more and more Magento plugins are being developed to provide added functionality that you might be looking for. To give you an example Google Maps-Store Locator Magento extension developed by FME incorporates Google Maps on your site which not only lets your…

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Place to find Magento Plugins and Extensions

Place to find Magento Plugins and Extensions.

Innovative Magento Solutions

Innovative Magento Solutions.

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Magento Plugins & Modules

Climbing the heights of difficulties and achieving the targets will not be a dream anymore. With Magento as your eCommerce solution you have plenty of options to drive your business towards success. Setting up an online store breaks the geographical boundaries and the visitors that reach your site are from around the globe with different mind sets, languages etc. When dealing with this situation, store owners must try to facilitate customers belonging to different region in a best possible way which their customers expect from them. Therefore innovations are inevitable to bring vigorous solutions to both customers and store owners.

Think about you have an online Magento store and now you want to allow your products to be visible only to specific countries. It means you would like to limit the access of your site to some countries for example, you do not want to let your competitors in your…

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Magento Plugins & Modules

Magento doesn’t require words for appreciation just pull out the records and check how many online stores are using Magento. Magento indeed has brought sweeping changes to the market. It is a culmination of all the great features of other online shopping carts including those which other lacks.

Once you have setup an online store, things doesn’t stop there. You will find amazing Magento modules to enhance the functionality of your site. You will find lot of flexibility in developing Magento Modules or in case you would like to customize existing ones. But at the same time this development requires advance programming skills. Today we’ll shed some light on the very basics of Magento development.

Magneto introduces object oriented approach in using PHP as programming language to develop highly scalable and optimized Magento Modules. It requires MySQL to be used for database. Familiarity with XML is a must to…

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Magento Plugins & Modules

Having an online store that gives you an optimized performance is something highly desired. Setting up your eCommerce store with Open Cart, osCommerce or Magento is not as much harder as it is to maintain them after they have been setup. The first question you would come up is where and how to get your platform hosted? What are the optimal requirements? Each platform has its requirements to keep itself alive. Depending upon several factors like the initial investment you can made, the volume of your business, the features you are looking to have, you will going to choose a specific platform for your business.

Nothing is excluded from the pros and cons, similarly each platform has its own. Magento is the latest eCommerce platform which basically is the cream of the crop.  It incorporates features which other platforms lacked and the closest companion to it is osCommerce. Let’s see…

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Boost your online store’s credibility with Magento Modules

Boost your online store’s credibility with Magento Modules.